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Feb 18, 2019 | Artistry, Client Sessions, Crossbreed, Dogs, GSD

One of my biggest fears as a photographer is that my clients won’t love their photos. What if they’re not what they were expecting? What if they hate them all? Combine that with my second biggest fear – rain during a session, argh! – and you’ve got one nervous wreck of a photographer. I guess I just overthink things, when really I should be focussing on simply doing the best that I can. When it came to arranging my session with Willow & Oakley, I asked their dad, John, what stood out most when he originally came across my work…

“I love the natural settings, every photo is full of colour, and I love the how the subject is highlighted. From seeing previous shoots, I know that whatever happens I’ll get a lovely set of photos.”

Okay, so no pressure then! It’s always incredibly flattering to hear such kind words about my photography, but I can’t help but panic at the thought of not being able to deliver something that people will love. I know from experience that my style is heavily dependent on the weather – the vibrant colours, the highlights – it all comes down to the lighting conditions on the day. And that’s not something I can control, as much as I would desperately love to!

As it happens, we ended up rescheduling Willow & Oakley’s session thanks to some very ominous storm clouds that rolled in half an hour before the shoot. But I knew that if I wanted to capture the shots that had inspired John in the first place, big dark clouds and the constant threat of rain just wasn’t going to cut it. So we waited. And oh man, was it worth the wait!

Our rescheduled date was possibly the most beautiful, warm, sunny autumn evening I’ve seen in a very long time. The combination of golden sunlight and the vibrant hues of the fallen leaves and autumn foliage was more than I ever could’ve asked for – I was in heaven! My worries and fears just melted away, and I could just crack on with doing what I love most. The highlights below are just a taste of the fun we had that evening, and I’m so glad that I had the chance to capture the colour and brightness that John loved so much about my work. I was overjoyed when he chose a folio box of his ten favourite prints (after a tough selection process!) and I can’t wait to see them taking pride of place at home.

Sure, it might be a pain to reschedule a session, especially on short notice. But if it means the chance of a beautiful day, an enjoyable experience for everyone, and a collection of colourful, unforgettable images, then I’d say it’s definitely worth the wait.

Small black and tan dog sitting on edge of reed bed
German Shepherd dog running towards photographer across park
Two dogs sitting on bridge in Kettering parkland
Little dog running through autumn leaves
GSD crossbreed dog standing in tall grass
Small black and tan dog sitting in grass in parkland
Two dogs sitting side by side in Northants park

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