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Aug 8, 2018 | Client Sessions, Cockapoo, Dogs

As somebody who doesn’t own a dog, I often find myself faced with questions like ‘so, what’s your favourite breed?’ and ‘when you do get a dog, what do you think you’ll go for?’. For the longest time I couldn’t answer. I’ve never had a dog, yet I’m lucky enough to spend most of my time surrounded by four-legged furries of all shapes and sizes – how could I possibly choose a favourite?

And then I met Ted.

I’ll be honest, I’d never really considered a cockapoo. Surprisingly, despite their recent surge in popularity, I’ve photographed precious few. So when Ted’s dad contacted me last year to book a session, I was pretty excited to meet them both.

Well, what can I say about Ted? I think I can honestly say I’ve never met a more charming, sweet-natured, happy-go-lucky little dog in my entire life. His sparkly personality and penchant for mischief charmed the pants off me the instant I met him.  I’ve now had the pleasure of photographing Ted twice, and each time he blows me away with his patience and obedience (there’s a sharp mind underneath all those curls!). During our first session I remember he disappeared chasing squirrels, only to saunter out of the bushes 10 minutes later (what felt like hours!) as if nothing had happened, and get straight back to posing for photos!

Our second session was thankfully a little less ‘eventful’ – Ted’s dad knew a fantastic bluebell wood near his Coventry home, and with spring fast-approaching, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to get some beautiful photos of Ted’s gorgeous red coat against the vibrant green and blue hues of the woodland. We arrived on the day to find a breathtaking blanket of bluebells stretching as far as the eye could see! And Ted knew exactly what to do…

Cockapoo dog standing on log in bluebell woods
Cockapoo dog photography in Coventry woodland
Dog photographer Northamptonshire
Red cockapoo in bluebells
Cockapoo portrait photo in bluebells
Dog photographer Coventry
Puppy sitting in blue and white flowers

So now when people ask me that dreaded question: ‘if you could have any dog of your own, what would it be?’, I think I can answer in no uncertain terms – I’d have a Ted.


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