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Aug 14, 2017 | Client Sessions, Dogs, Labrador

I often receive requests from clients looking to surprise their loved ones with a dog photography session, and my gift certificates are a really popular choice for this sort of occasion – the perfect surprise.

Basil’s session, however, was slightly different. His mum contacted me as her partner was moving to Dubai for work, and that meant leaving behind his beloved fox red lab, Basil. Basil’s mum was hoping to get some stunning photos to give to him as a keepsake, and something to remind him of his furry friend while he was abroad. A gift certificate just wasn’t going to cut it. So we plotted – in secret – to arrange a session one evening, just the two of us (and Basil) to get some awesome shots, so that we could surprise Basil’s dad when he next returned home to the UK.

We met on a gorgeous evening in May, with the bluebells out in full force. Basil was more than happy to romp about in the woods (as young Labradors do!), striking the occasional pose for us amongst the bluebells. As the sun began to set, the scenery shifted from fresh blue hues to a sea of rich purple and gold, with one of the most striking sunsets I’ve seen all year. Even when we were back at the roadside I still couldn’t resists capturing a few silhouette shots against that gorgeous golden skyline!

Fast forward a few weeks and it was time for the big reveal. I arrived for the surprise Viewing & Ordering session, still completely unbeknownst to Basil’s dad (he must’ve wondered what this crazy woman was doing turning up at his house seemingly unannounced!), and prepared the slideshow. It very quickly dawned on him what was going on, and we were all able to sit back, relax, and view Basil’s photos on the big screen – talk about a surprise! We then had the fun task of choosing the favourites from the session, and creating a bespoke framed storyboard that will soon make it’s way to Dubai – the perfect reminder of his favourite pup.

Here are some of the highlights from Basil’s session – you can also see the final storyboard at the bottom of the blog. I think you’ll agree that they picked some brilliant shots!

Fox red labrador in the woods
Labrador sitting in bluebell woods
Red labrador portrait photography
Labrador in the middle of a bluebell patch
Dog sitting between bluebells
Dog sitting at the trunk of a tree
Panroamic shot of dog in the woods
Labrador running through bluebells
Labrador sitting in woods at sunset
Dog posing in bluebells at sunset
Pet photography Northamptonshire
Red lab in bluebells at sunset
Dog silhouette at sunset
Framed photographs on bedroom wall

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