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Oct 5, 2017 | Chihuahua, Client Sessions, Dogs

Shooting tiny dogs is always a blast, but it comes with it’s challenges – and they don’t get much tinier than Chihuahuas! I met up with the gorgeous Elvis and glamorous Marilyn for their evening session at Bradlaugh Fields in Northampton, and the sun was just starting to set – golden hour, my favourite!

So why are small dogs sometimes a challenge to photograph? Well for one thing, shooting something small usually means I have to make myself as small as possible too! When I photograph dogs, I like to get right down on their level, so 90% of this session was spent laying on the ground with my chin touching the floor! I also find that smaller breeds often have more energy, darting about here and there, wanting to investigate anything and everything – these two little divas were no exception! I like to harness that energy and use it as an opportunity for some awesome action shots. Timing is always key, you only need a split second to capture the moment before they’re off again!

One of the great things about small dogs is that you can (pretty much) put them anywhere you like – flower beds, little benches, tree stumps, you name it! Of course you have to be careful not to put them anywhere up too high, but you definitely have a lot of options to work with. Elvis and Marilyn were more than happy to pose among the midsummer foliage for a few shots!

So if you’ve ever wondered how your little dog might fare on a photo session, take a look at the photos below and see for yourself just how much fun it can be!

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