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Feb 12, 2018 | Client Sessions, Dogs, St Bernard

Well, where do I start with Elvis? Those of you who follow me over on Facebook will probably know about my 2019 Charity Calendar Project – every month this year I’ll be photographing a dog to feature on a calendar for 2019, with all proceeds going to Animals In Need. And Elvis here is Mr January!

I wasn’t even planning on sharing images from these calendar sessions, but the second I uploaded my memory card onto my computer (after a short period of squealing with delight) I knew I just had to get these images onto the blog as soon as possible! Elvis was an absolute charmer (I lost count of the number of times we stopped so that passers by could come and meet him!) and despite only being a puppy he already had his commands nailed, which made posing him no problem – he happily hopped up on logs and plonked himself down for a bit of sit/stay. He even mustered the energy for some action shots at the end of our session (which is no mean feat for a puppy of his size!). On a side note, keep an eye out for his adorable overbite!

Anyway, you’ve probably had enough of me talking – let’s get to the puppy photos already!

St Bernard puppy on a log
St Bernard puppy standing on a log
St Bernard puppy
St Bernard dog
St Bernard puppy portrait
Big dog sitting in grass
Puppy looking at camera
Big puppy standing on log
St Bernard puppy running
Dog running towards camera
St Bernard portrait photography

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