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Jul 10, 2017 | Client Sessions, Crossbreed, Dogs

What do you get when you mix a Poodle, a Briard, a Cocker Spaniel, a Labrador and a Wheaten Terrier, with a sprinkling of Whippet? Lara, of course! Last month I had the pleasure of meeting this little cutie for the first of two sessions we’d be enjoying together (one in the summer and one in the autumn – capturing Lara’s gorgeous little face across two different seasons).

When I heard about Lara’s heritage, at first I was a little bit dubious, but the more I learned about her the more it made sense – she has a soft Poodle coat and a Wheaten Terrier beard. The Spaniel and The Whippet were a little harder to place, until I saw her in action! And her inner Labrador became very clear once we broke out the treats! But why was I so interested in Lara’s heritage in the first place?

Well it started when I heard about how she came to live with her mums here in Northampton. Lara spent the first year of her life as a street dog in Hungary. Luckily she was rescued my a charity in 2014, however when she was spayed they discovered that she was pregnant with a litter of pups, it was touch and go but luckily she pulled through (I’m reliably told that she’s a fighter, with a great spirit), and finally made it to her forever home in 2015.

Living rough on the streets means that Lara does have some issues with loud noises and some people, as she’s scared of how she might be treated. This meant spending a few extra minutes getting to know her at the start of her session, and getting her used to the camera (with the help of some tasty treats). Her mums weren’t sure how well she’d react, but she quickly settled and we were off. Lara is very food motivated (*cough* Labrador *cough*) so it turned out to be surprisingly easy to get her to work with us, and very soon she was posing on benches and acting like a real superstar! She surprised us all, and it just goes to show how important it is to take the time with nervous dogs and win their trust, as well as having a little background on their breed(s) – the result is some amazing photos!

So I’ll leave you with the highlights from Lara’s session. Her mums came away with a gorgeous set of prints which I’m sure they will treasure. In her owner’s words ‘Lara is my first dog and my best friend – I love her completely‘. I can’t wait to see them all again in the autumn for some more fun!

little black dog
black dog sitting on bench
black poodle standing on bench
little dog standing on bench
black dog in flowerbed
little dog standing in flowers
portrait of dog and flowers
wide angle shot of dog looking at camera
dog sticking tongue out at camera
black poodle running
black poodle cross in ferns
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dog in park looking at camera

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