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Feb 28, 2018 | Client Sessions, Crossbreed, Dogs, Golden Retriever, Labrador

I first met Paddy’s mum at the Burghley Horse Trials last year – we’d chatted for ages about art, and my work, and her gorgeous Golden Retriever, Paddy. She knew exactly what she was after right from the start – a big colourful bust portrait of her boy (which happens to be my speciality!).

We booked Paddy’s session, and also planned to bring along her mum’s dog, Tilly, as a little surprise. Not long after booking them in, a friend of theirs also booked a session for her Labrador, Poppy – so we decided to roll all three sessions into one! The only problem was, the sessions were booked for November – not exactly known for it bright sunny days, which were crucial to capturing the portrait that Paddy’s mum was after. I crossed all my fingers and toes, and waited…

Luckily this particular story had a very happy ending – we arrived on location for the trio of sessions, and were greeted with the most spectacular afternoon sunshine! Combined with the dramatic autumnal colours, I was literally in heaven (I barely even noticed the wintery chill in the air)! Paddy, Tilly and Poppy were all too happy to frolic through the woods and I almost lost track of time as we explored the trails, discovering countless photo opportunities as we went. And, to top it all off, I even found the perfect spot to recreate the portrait that Paddy’s mum was after.

This session will definitely go down in the history books as one of my favourites – the stunning location, the perfect weather, and best of all, the gorgeous dogs and my wonderful clients that made it such a memorable experience. I was so excited to deliver their artwork shortly after Christmas, and I have to say that Paddy looks incredible hanging in pride of place on the wall! I’m forever grateful for my lovely clients (especially when their passion for art rivals my own!) and it’s always such a pleasure to create artwork that they’ll treasure for years to come. I hope you enjoy their session as much as I did!

Black Labrador portrait
Golden Retriever dog
Golden Retriever portrait
dog sitting on autumn trail
Black Labrador looking up at sky
White fluffy dog on rock
little white dog portrait
Black Lab sitting on pathway
little crossbreed dog
dog portrait photography
Black Labrador sitting in leaves
little white dog standing by tree
Northampton dog photography
white crossbreed dog
Golden Retriever sitting in leaves
black dog sitting on hill
Golden Retriever in tall grass
Black Lab portrait in long grass
Northamptonshire dog photography
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Woman hugging Golden Retriever
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dog running in woods
Golden Retriever running
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