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Feb 3, 2017 | Client Sessions, Dogs, GSD

I’ve been saving this session up for a while now – no particular reason other than simply being so busy over the Christmas period – but I think it’s about time I caught up with my blogging and this session is particularly dear to my heart, and so here we are!

Old Bean Sessions are never easy – in most cases my clients get in touch knowing that they have precious little time left with their four-legged companions, and with that in mind I often have to arrange sessions on short notice, regardless of weather conditions. When Pepe’s mum contacted me about booking a session with Pepe (who had recently been diagnosed with cancer), we knew that time was of the essence and so I booked in a mid-November session, crossing my fingers and toes for decent weather. And, despite the bitter cold, we were in luck! Okay so it wasn’t exactly a sunny day, but what the session lacked in sunshine it more than made up for with dazzling autumnal colours!

Not only were we blessed with gorgeous golden leaves and a host of reds, oranges, and greens, Pepe was also an absolute star. Despite being a little on the skinny side, you’d have no idea that she was sick, as she paused and waited and posed ever so patiently while I snapped away. At the end of the session, mum and dad even jumped in for a few shots with their beloved baby girl (something that I recommend all owners do – even if it’s just for a couple of shots).

I hope you enjoy the resulting photos from Pepe’s session. You’ll also be thrilled to know that when I visited her on Thursday to deliver her album and prints, she was looking absolutely great – she’d put some weight on and was in such high spirits – she’s such a trooper I’m so pleased that she’s still going strong and bringing her family so much joy!

German Shepherd portrait
German Shepherd in park
Large black and tan dog
Dog lying down in park
Dog looking at camera
German Shepherd looking up at camera
German Shepherd standing on rock
German Shepherd dog running
German Shepherd dog profile
Dog photography Northamptonshire
Dog in the woods
Wide angle shot of dog
Dog sitting in garden
Dog with orange leaves in background
Dog jumping for ball
German Shepherd jumping for ball
Dog retrieving ball
Dog with owners
Dog being kissed by owner

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