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Apr 9, 2018 | Beagle, Client Sessions, Dogs

Close your eyes. Transport yourself back to July 2017. The sun is shining (I know, right?), summer is in full swing, the air is warm and long afternoons are spent wandering down country lanes or picnicking in the park. Or, if you’re me, they’re spent rolling around in the grass with two cheeky Beagles – Porthos & Lucy. And not just any Beagles, no. This pair belong to one of my very good friends and fellow dog photographers, Bridget of Bridget Davey Photography. Porthos even has his own hefty social media following – so no pressure!

We headed out into the sunny Northamptonshire countryside for the session, with our pockets full of treats and the Beagles looking very dapper in their bow ties (which you’ll spot in a few shots!). Having a dog photographer for a mum has its perks – Porthos and Lucy are absolute pros when it comes to sit and stay, and Porthos definitely has his ‘Blue Steel’ look down pat – making my job much easier! Below you’ll find a few of my favourite images from the session – so you can transport yourself back to sunnier times on this wet and rainy April afternoon…

Beagle dog sitting on gravel driveway
Lemon and white beagle portrait
Dog photography Northamptonshire
Two dogs sitting at owners feet
Beagle portrait photograph
Beagle dog sitting by pillar

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