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Jan 3, 2017 | Client Sessions, Dogs, Labrador, Rhodesian Ridgeback

As I look out of the window on this dreary, grey January afternoon, I can’t help but look back to last October and Bruno’s session. Now, that may not sound very encouraging, but it’s actually days like today (the drab, cloudy, ‘boring’ days) that create some of the most flattering light for photography! There’s no harsh sunlight and shadows to contend with, just beautiful soft light spread evenly across the sky like a giant softbox.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine (especially the golden hour), but it’s important to remember that you don’t always need a bright sunny day to create beautiful images. You just have to get a little bit creative with your environment to make the most of it – and that’s just what we did for Bruno’s session.

It was a grey afternoon like today, and I was praying that the rain would hold off just long enough. Luckily it did, and Bruno romped his way through his session and posed up a storm, his beautiful golden brown coat contrasting beautifully against the lush green of the woodland. It just goes to show, you don’t always need sunshine to capture magical images!

Fine art pet portrait artist | Northamptonshire, East Midlands, UK