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Jun 9, 2017 | Crossbreed, Dogs, Labrador

Dogs often have funny ways of taking us on adventures to places we wouldn’t normally think of – for example, you wouldn’t normally find me anywhere near the beach unless it’s 30 degrees and clear blue skies! And yet here I was, mid-January, wrapped in about 5 layers and trekking across the sand dunes of Holkham Beach in North Norfolk, dog and family in tow. But was I complaining? Hell no! That’s the thing about dogs – they have a way of brightening up even the coldest, dreariest of days, and fill every moment with adventure and excitement!

Black Labrador on the beach

I should probably start by telling you a little bit about Lucy the Labradinger (that’s labrador x springer spaniel). Lucy is a resident dog at Animals In Need, handed in by her original owners when she developed epilepsy and they couldn’t cope. Her epilepsy is manageable, however it was decided that she wouldn’t be put up for adoption, and she now lives happily with the ‘pack’ of resident dogs at the shelter.

When my sister met Lucy during one of our volunteer days at the shelter, they shared an immediate connection – they just clicked. And ever since then she’s dedicated herself to visiting Lucy in her free time. Together they have embarked on some seriously exciting adventures, including days out at DogFest and even a holiday to the seaside! And so that’s how I ended up freezing my butt off on a beach in January. We’d set off on a miserable rainy morning, heading to the North Norfolk coast for a day out and a spot of lunch in Burnham Market. Luckily the rain had cleared by the time we arrived, but there were still heavy storm clouds rolling ominously over our heads as we got out of the car and headed down onto the sand./

Girl with black dog on the beach

Holkham Beach is one of my favourite Norfolk Beaches – not only is it dog-friendly, it also boasts an extraordinarily beautiful variety of stunning scenery, from the pine woods that line the sands to endless expanse of beach and dunes. So it was the perfect place to break out the camera and squeeze in an inpromptu photo session for Lucy! She was more than happy to frolic in the long grass and splash about in the water chasing her ball – you can imagine we ended up with quite a mucky pup to take home at the end of the day! Here are a few highlights from our day, with a few outtakes thrown in for good measure!

Girl walking up hill with black labrador
Black dog running with ball
black dog walking in water with ball
Black dog sitting by fence
Woman and girl sitting with black dog
Black labrador running with ball
Black dog licking nose
Black labrador profile photograph
Black lab sitting in the grass
Black lab running across beach
Dog running towards camera on beach
Black lab sitting on Norfolk sand dunes
Dog and girl standing on top of sand dunes
Girl and dog sitting on the beach
WOman with dog sticking tongue out
Dog licking girl's face
Dog sitting on tree stump in woods
Dog standing on log in the forest

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