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Mar 15, 2018 | Dogs, Events

Crufts isn’t for everyone, and it’s never far from controversy, but it’s undeniable that the huge majority of owners there love their dogs immensely – all you have to do is watch how Yvette Short whisked Best in Show winner Tease the Whippet to safety when protestors stormed the arena, to see how much their dogs mean to them.

I go to Crufts every year, for no real reason other than that I love spending hours surrounded by beautiful dogs. I don’t even spend that much time near the show rings – most of the day I’m wandering around Discover Dogs, or watching the various displays and demos (I’m always fascinated by the Police Dogs!). Let’s not forget that Crufts is, first and foremost, a celebration of dogs – and that’s why I love it.

So when I say ‘beautiful dogs’, I don’t mean by show standards. I’ll be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about breed standards or dog shows. And I know that what is often considered ‘beautiful’ in the show/breeding world can be controversial, when dogs appear to have been bred to meet certain aesthetic standards to the detriment of their health and happiness. But there’s no denying that most of the dogs you see at Crufts are happy and healthy, and very much loved by their owners (not to mention absolutely gorgeous!).

To me, every dog I see at Crufts is beautiful, whether they’re winning rosettes or strutting their stuff in Heelwork to Music. In fact, I basically fall head over heels in love with every dog I meet, whether they’re at a show or just walking down the street! But going to Crufts gives me an opportunity to truly indulge in my love of all things beautifully canine. The myriad of shapes and sizes, the colours, the textures, even the way the dogs move as they go about their various activities. I always go home feeling so inspired and ready to challenge the way I see dogs when I photograph them, to capture every detail, and showcase just how beautiful dogs truly are.

Yorkshire terrier being groomed by owner
cavalier king charles spaniel sleeping on woman
pomeranian asleep in crate
chihuahua held in man's arms
bichon frise asleep in owners lap
bichon frise and owner posing with rosette
affenpinscher being groomed
staffie dog in owners lap
german shepherd police training
yellow Labrador doing scent work
german shepherd police dog
german shepherd biting bite sleeve
two german shepherds biting man's arms
eurasier dog sitting on floor
dalmatian with head on paws
three pomeranians standing on platform
chow chow sitting on floor
chow chow peeking around screen
girl taking photo of schnauzer

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