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Mar 14, 2019 | Artistry, Guides

For many of my clients, their biggest struggle is figuring out what to do with their photos after our session. There’s a growing culture these days for saving photos onto a USB with the intention of working that part out later. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when digital files can absolutely be the way to go – you’re in the midst of moving house, you’ve recently lost your pet and can’t face printing the photos yet, or you just want the ability to print your images whenever and however you want.

But in reality, that USB will likely end up being stowed away for safekeeping until you find the time to sort things out. You start researching design ideas (hello, Pinterest!). Then you get distracted. Life gets in the way. You tell yourself you’ll come back to it when you get a chance. And then before you know it that USB – and your photos – are put on the back burner, sometimes forgotten, sometimes even lost.

That’s not how I want your story to end!

Displaying your images as tangible artwork gives you the chance to experience and enjoy them every day. To remember those moments you shared with your dog – the cheeky sparkle in their eyes, or the warm, soft texture of their fur. Their calm composure, or their boundless energy that brought you so many laughs and created so many memories. To know that in years to come you’ll still be able to flick through your album, or admire your art on the wall, and enjoy it over and over again.

Deciding on the best way to display your images can seem like a daunting task, but I’ve put together a few tips to help you on the way to enjoying awe-inspiring artwork in your home…

Not sure where to start? Start with ‘where’!

The first step in choosing how to display your artwork is to think about where it might fit in your home. Have a look around your house – you might be surprised by how many opportunities you find to hang your photos. Do you have a specific room or space in mind? A large wall in the master bedroom, a spot over the sofa or mantlepiece, up the staircase or in the hallway? Once you know where your artwork could go, you’ll find it much easier to visualise the style and size of your finished artwork.

framed canvas of running corgi hanging on bedroom wall
acrylic print of golden retriever hanging on living room wall
frame of golden retriever above fireplace

Set the mood, and the style will follow

Once you’ve figured out where your artwork is going to go, it’ll help you determine the emotions you want to convey through your images. That bouncy, energetic action shot may be perfect in the living room, but you might want a calmer, more cuddly shot for your bedroom. The tone of the images and the mood of your room (as well as your furniture) will also help you choose the style of artwork you go for. A framed canvas or storyboard could be the perfect compliment to a rustic hallway or cottage kitchen, whereas a sleek acrylic would probably look better in a modern apartment or stylish home office. At the end of the day, it’s all about your personal taste – but take cues from your surroundings and it’ll make things much easier!

wooden framed storyboard of labrador between bookshelves
wooden framed storyboard of border collie above sofa
framed cockapoo print trio above sideboard

Size matters – but it does’t have to be complicated

This is an important one – a few inches can mean the difference between your photo getting lost in a sea of wallpaper, or looking cramped and crushed between your furniture. But don’t worry, choosing the right size is easier than you think.

If you want to get a feel for things yourself, cut out a piece of paper in the size you’ve got in mind, and tape it to your wall. Take a step back (that’s important) and ask yourself: is it too small, too large, or just right? Does it have room to ‘breathe’? Does it look lonely?

Want to make things even easier? Just grab a piece of A4 paper, tape it to the wall, step back and snap a photo on your phone. Send me that photo and I’ll use the images from our session to mock up your artwork in any size, showing you exactly what your own images will look like on your own walls! Super simple.

And remember, bigger isn’t always better – it’s more important to find a size that suits the space. Maximum impact doesn’t always mean maximum size!

No wall space? No worries

Not everybody has the luxury of a big blank wall above the fireplace. Some of my clients rent properties and can’t hang wall art, others simply don’t have any room left on their walls for more frames – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! If that sounds like you, it simply means we get to think outside the box a little when it comes to displaying and celebrating your artwork. And I have a few options ready and waiting…

Print Folio Box

The perfect blend between an album and wall art, fine art prints give you the versatility of enjoying multiple images without being tied to either a book or a frame. With 5-10 prints in a beautiful folio box, you can choose to either frame them later or display them easily on mini easels throughout your home. And if you ever move house, just stow them safely away in the folio box, ready to pull out at a moment’s notice.

Fine Art Albums

Displaying images around the house isn’t for everybody. For some, it’s all about telling a story, or keeping things a little more private and personal. For others, it’s simply too hard to choose just a handful of images! An album is the perfect way to capture your dog in every tiny detail, and keep all of your images safe in one place, ready to enjoy whenever you want.

Feeling inspired?

Getting the most out of your images isn’t something you need to figure out on your own. I’ll be with you every step of the way, from choosing the best location and setting for your session through to helping your narrow down your favourite images and designing artwork that’s perfect for you home. And without the worry of wall sizes and print finishes, you’re free to enjoy all of the fun stuff that an experience with The Artisan Hound has to offer (and yes, that does include chocolate).

If you’d like to know more about booking a photography session for you dog and creating some incredible artwork, get in touch or find out more about my portrait sessions.


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