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Jan 9, 2021 | Guides, Wellbeing

Is your dog an urban explorer, or a woodland wanderer? Maybe they’re more of a beach bum? When it comes to choosing a location for your session, you want your dog to feel as comfortable as possible so that they can be themselves and have a great time. That way I can truly capture their personality and create artwork that will look incredible and take pride of place in your home.

I have a variety of favourite locations in and around Northamptonshire that are perfect for dog photography, so don’t worry if you’re not sure about where to choose for your session. If you know somewhere that you think would work well, please let me know, and we can consider it when planning your shoot. It’s important to consider a few things when choosing a location. How does your dog react to people and other dogs? How energetic are they? Do they have any health conditions that we need to take into account? Even the colours and decor in your home play an important part in choosing a location. After all, you want your artwork to fit right in on the wall, the mantlepiece, or the coffee table!

To help you work out which locations you should consider when planning a photo session, and how they can help take your artwork to the next level, I’ve put together a list of my favourite location types…

Beagle dog sitting on gravel driveway


Whether your dog is a little bit cautious or mad as a box of frogs, a forest or woodland location can make the perfect location for a photo shoot. With plenty of space and winding paths to explore, the woods can be the ideal location for a dog that’s reactive or feels more comfortable when they’ve got a bit more space to ‘breathe’.

The dense foliage and wide variety of flora and fauna make these spots stunning locations all year round, with beautiful bluebells in the spring, thick bracken in the summer, and rich warm colours in the autumn.

They’re also the perfect place for even the most energetic of pups, with tons of room to zoom and bounce about – great for capturing action shots! And with plenty of woodlands and country parks scattered across Northamptonshire, you’re sure to find one to suit you.

The best way to showcase your images?

Woodland shots are oozing with natural texture and colour, so a rustic framed canvas or wooden framed print are the perfect choices to compliment your artwork.

Lemon and white beagle portrait


Never underestimate the power of the park! Even the most humble of dog walking locations can make for amazing photos. Your local park or favourite walk could be the perfect choice if your pup prefers familiar surroundings, which is especially important for dogs that are nervous in new places, or are getting on a bit and just prefer somewhere they know and love.

While some park locations may seem a bit bland or boring, it’s amazing what you can do with an open space and a few trees or bushes. And there’s usually plenty of space to chase a ball or fetch a frisbee, so parks are really well suited to active or larger dogs if you want to capture them in action!

Parks can get a little busy at times, with plenty of distractions to be had, so bear this in mind if your dog has a tendency to chase after a stray ball, or greet every person they meet. But even if your dog has to be kept on a lead, that’s no problem – with a little Photoshop wizardry, you’d never even know!

The best way to showcase your images?

Tell your dog’s story with a framed storyboard – multiple images in one frame mean that you can enjoy every spect of your dog’s personality, from posing perfectly on a park bench, to racing through the leaves in search of their favourite ball.

Dog photography Northamptonshire


If your dog appreciates the finer things in life, look no further than the grounds or gardens of a stately home for a more refined photo shoot. From grand architecture to manicured lawns and colourful shrubbery, these locations are perfect for calm and collected dogs who might not want to get their paws too dirty!

Their sophisticated blend of architecture and colourful gardens make stately homes and castles a dramatic backdrop to your session. And with beautiful surprises to be found around every corner, you can get up close as well and explore the rich colour and texture of every detail, from ancient colonnades to secret butterfly gardens.

While these locations are often suited to calmer, smaller dogs, there’s usually still opportunity for an action shot or two (just as long as they’re not tearing up the flowerbeds in the process!).

The best way to showcase your images?

A framed canvas is the perfect choice for emphasising the beautiful colours and textures of a public garden or stately home. Can’t decide on just one shot? A folio box of fine art prints gives you the flexibility to choose multiple images, with the freedom to frame and hang them your way.

Two dogs sitting at owners feet


From the suburbs to the city centre, an urban shoot is not for the faint-hearted, but can guarantee some unique and eye-catching images!

Urban locations offer something a little different from the natural surroundings of the woods or the beach, but still offer plenty of variety – whether it’s the texture of an old cobbled street, or the vibrant colours of a graffiti wall. The tones and textures of the town make these shots perfect if you prefer monochromatic or minimalist design in your home. Alternatively, a striking graffiti wall or red phone box can add the perfect splash of colour to any room.

Towns and cities are often busy places, so these locations are best suited to focussed, confident dogs who can handle all the hustle and bustle. It’s safest to keep dogs on a lead for these sessions, but don’t worry – these can usually be removed when I edit your photos.

The best way to showcase your images?

Less is more. A sleek, modern acrylic print or a simple, black framed print will create a statement piece in any modern home.

Beagle portrait photograph


If your dog just loves to run, look no further than a (dog-friendly) beach! With miles of sand and endless shores, your dog is free to roam and play, and get as wet and mucky as possible!

Best suited to adventurous dogs with lots of energy and a serious love of water, the beach can also act as the backdrop to a more serene stroll. If your dog is a little older or simply likes to take their time, meandering through the long dune grass and paddling in the waves creates an opportunity to capture some beautiful images.

The closest beaches to Northampton (and some of my absolute favourites) sit along the North Norfolk coast. From the colourful beach huts of Wells to the endless sand dunes of Holkham, there’s no shortage of stunning scenery and dog-friendly beach action. And what’s more, the shores of Heacham and Hunstanton are some of the only beaches on the East coast that actually face West, allowing for some spectacular sunsets!

The best way to showcase your images?

Beach shots deserve to be big. Whether you’re after a sleek, sharp acrylic print to showcase those crisp details, or a rustic, textured framed canvas, opt for a larger size that will make a real statement on your wall.

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