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Nov 20, 2020 | Philanthropy

Being able to give back to my community is a huge privilege, and an experience that has probably had more impact on my photography than anything else.

Without the opportunity to work with the dogs and the amazing team at Animals In Need Northamptonshire, I may never have discovered the freedom and creativity that pushed me to create The Artisan Hound.

What started as a hobby and a way to help out quickly became an avenue for so much more. And while I was growing as a photographer, I was helping – even in just a small way – to find rescue dogs new homes.

The work I do behind the camera can never be compared to the endless dedication and hard work that the volunteers at the sanctuary put in day after day. Their unwavering commitment to helping animals continues to fill me with hope. I owe so much to those incredible volunteers who welcomed me into their world.

But if my photos can cause just one person to stop scrolling on their newsfeed, to pause and take notice, to find out more about the sanctuary and the dogs in desperate need of homes, or even just share a Facebook post, then it makes it all worthwhile.

Fine art pet portrait artist | Northamptonshire, East Midlands, UK