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There’s something remarkable about our relationship with our pets, isn’t there?

Something magical and entirely unique.

The impact they have on our lives is undeniable, and the bond we share is unforgettable.

Josie Baughan UK pet portrait artist

Hi there, I’m Josie; self-confessed geek, bona fide crazy cat lady & tireless crusader against unruly hair!

As a pet portrait artist and mum of two mischievous moggies, I’ve experienced first-hand the connection we have with our pets, the way they shape our lives, and the legacies they leave behind.

I’m passionate about creating distinctive pet portraits that embrace everything that makes our pets special. To celebrate the life that we share with them – whether it’s been a few months, or a lifetime.


The Artisan Hound is founded on three key principles: Artistry, Legacy, and Philanthropy. These values are at the heart of everything I do. They keep me grounded and feed my inspiration, and it’s my goal to instil them in everything I do & everyone I meet on my creative journey.

green watercolour leaves on a branch


inspiring creativity

My work is more than just paper & ink. My aim is to create truly meaningful art that’s both beautiful and deeply personal. To weave my passion & soul into everything that I do and everything I create. In every detail, every mark and every brush stroke. 

golden watercolour twig and leaves


preserving memories

We love our pets and they love us. Nothing is more valuable than treasuring the moments we share together. I’m committed to sharing our pets’ stories and celebrating the impact that they’ve had on our lives, whether it’s been a short time or a lifetime.

green eucalyptus leaves on a twig


doing good

I believe in helping others and advocating for those in need by lending my time and skills to charitable causes. I’m also passionate about running a business that’s eco-friendly & cruelty-free. All my materials are plant-based, natural, and/or recyclable.

How it all started

The coronavirus outbreak turned our whole world upside down. It wasn’t all bad, though. Being stuck at home brought us closer to our four-legged friends than ever before! But the pandemic also stole some of our most precious moments with them.

I’ll never forget the heart-breaking stories of friends who couldn’t be with their pets in their final moments. Precious memories, reduced to kerbside farewells and goodbyes from the boot of the car. It highlighted the special connection & unwavering love that we have for our pets.

It was also a sobering reminder that they won’t be with us forever.

Amidst the chaos of 2020, I was welcoming two new furry additions to the family. Mac & Charlie (The Boys) joined me in the summer and, as all pets do, they changed my life forever.

In between early morning wake-up calls, melodramatic vet visits, and half-eaten ‘gifts’ left on the kitchen floor, I rediscovered a joy that I hadn’t felt in years. Yes, Mac & Charlie are technically my pets, but they are also undeniably my family.

Ginger and tabby kittens sitting on living room floor
Ginger cat and tabby cat lying on sofa together
A ginger and white cat and a brown tabby cat sitting on a bed

The smell of their fur. The soothing sound of their purrs. The weight of their warm bodies curled up on my lap. The laughter as Charlie tumbles around with his toys, and the peace as Mac sleeps beside me in the sunshine. They bring so much joy to my life. I miss them when I’m away from home, and I know I’d do anything to keep them safe.

Just before the boys arrived, I had moved house. So naturally I needed some cat-themed artwork on the walls. But it wasn’t enough to just buy pictures that looked like the boys. They had to be the boys. They had to be unique and special. They had to capture their personalities & celebrate the joy that they’d brought to my life in such a short space of time.

These portraits now hang proudly in my living room. I look at them every day and they never fail to make me smile. I’m reminded of how much I love those goofy furballs, and how much they mean to me. And when they’re gone, I’ll be reminded of the happiness that they brought to my life every single day.

My goal is to share this feeling with you.

To create artwork that is meaningful and truly unique. A reminder of the love and the adventures you shared. To preserve our pets’ memories and celebrate the impact that they have on our lives, whether that’s been a short time or a lifetime.

We love them, and they love us in return, and nothing is more valuable than being able to treasure all the moments we’ve shared together.

Fine art pet portrait artist | Northamptonshire, East Midlands, UK