dog photographer Northamptonshire


As a child, I believed that beauty could be found everywhere, that anything was possible, and that I had the freedom to choose my own path. With a desire to capture this beauty, I set my sights on the arts. I had this notion that, more than anything, art should be beautiful. It should stir the senses, and evoke emotion.


Art should take your breath away.


I promised myself that I’d never lead an ordinary life, confined by office walls and performance reviews. Ten years later, I was working in a call centre. That’s what happens when the world encourages us to grow up, make sensible choices, and get a ‘real’ job. The voice of authority grew stronger and the monotony of office-life chipped away at my true passion. I almost let my dream slip away.




For years, I’d volunteered at my local animal shelter. The more I grew tired my day job, the more I clung to this philanthropy that I truly loved. At first, I’d simply been photographing rescue dogs to help them find homes – it was creative and purposeful. But it was more than that.


I felt free.


Free to experiment with creative compositions, natural light, and textures. I reveled in the distinct individuality of each dog’s expression. They wouldn’t judge my artistic intent, and there was no self-consciousness on either side of the camera. It was precisely the kind of art I’d always enjoyed creating.


Right under my nose, I’d rediscovered that thing that had always made me so happy. Art for aesthetic, not agenda. And so, I ventured into canine portraiture with a desire to create imagery that’s as distinctive as it is beautiful.


The Artisan Hound is my rebellion. Art that stands as independent and expressive as its canine subjects. Aesthetic, by definition: Beauty above all else.